We’ve been working since 1997 at a “glocal” level, something which we feel passionate about. We believe that local identity is an extremely valuable asset which cannot be ignored and which should be combined with an all-encompassing global experience which can respond to the ever-evolving contemporary world. 

We draw on the cosmopolitanism of Mitteleuropean culture and the tradition of business and enterprise which is inherent to the North East of Italy where we are based. 
We believe in a logical, systemic approach which follows progressive phases-  data collection, situation analysis, positioning and brand identity – to successfully identify concepts, create images and the right mix of various media as part of the most advanced and integrated communication strategy.  
A Company is a combination of Structure, Identity and History: using these assets as a foundation we build a coherent, made-to-measure strategy combining experience and principles which “take flight” through creativity which can help brands and products become recognized, remembered and chosen by the market.  

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